Together with nearly 80 pupils from the „Schule an der Bek“ Daniela Spitzar designed the public transport station in the centre of Halstenbek. The Hamburg S-Bahn line from the suburbs to the main station is an important  daily link  for many commuters to get to their working places . As in most of the smaller towns around a big city the inhabitants lost their memory of the special identity of their home.
This project gave back meaning and conciousness of the historical development to the whole area. The station was built in 1883 with the idea and help of a tree nursery farm owner, to be able to ship his trees from Halstenbek via Hamburg harbour all around the world.

Within five years young people worked together with artists, school teachers, history workshops and the German railway company „Deutsche Bahn“ to improve the different parts like tunnels, platforms, seating accomodations, staircases, walls and entrance halls of the station. The project was called „Bahnhofserwachen“ which means the awakening of a station like spring comes back after a long grey wintertime.

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